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Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership between you and a confidential coach, who will encourage and facilitate you to maximize fulfilment in your life. "your life" covers career, relationships, health and fitness, and everything else.

life coaches will ensure that you consider all the important aspects of your life in the coaching process. Life coaching is confidential and your coach will be able to form an objective opinion of how you are performing in key parts of your life.

Imagine your life working out exactly as it would in your dreams. This can be possible with life coaching over a period of time. You may suddenly find yourself living the life you want.

Almost all coaching programs would cover your values, since these determine, to a large extent, what motivates and excites you, as well as what you avoid. Clarifying and refining your values can make hard decisions a lot more straight forward.

If possible get a personal recommendation for a coach. An experienced and skilled coach may also have other skills to help your transformation. For example Hypnosis and my favourite NLP, which dovetails smoothly with life coaching.

Life coaches are now quite readily available in most western countries and considering the positive changes available are a very wise investment in my view.


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